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Name:Flynn Scifo

• tales of vesperia

✖ Flynn Scifo is the young Acting-Commandant of the Imperial Knights and a childhood friend to one Yuri Lowell. He believes in the utmost importance of upholding the laws, and will go to lengths to uphold his belief that while justice must be meted out against those who deserve it, it must also be carried out within the boundaries of the law. This passion for the law is nothing shallow, of course, and at the very heart of it is the desire to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Like Yuri, and though he often worries about Yuri for the very same reasons, he is apt to put his life in danger for the sake of protecting other people. Despite this, however, he believes that he is better off than Yuri in that he usually thinks before rushing into things.

He works hard in everything he does, and will always put an extra mile in his efforts where he can. This is, sadly, something that doesn't help his cooking skills... because the problem is with his taste buds.

Lastly, he is not Guy.

:: [ taken just as Yuri and Co. for Tarqaron] ::

♠ PLAYED BY [personal profile] madderskies @ [community profile] exsilium
♠ 4th walling is a go! [ no future references, though ] ♠
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